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    Eastern Subterranean Termites are home wreckers... literally. They consume, ingest and destroy your home, one piece of wood at a time. They dwell in the dark, moist, areas of your crawlspaces, or basements. Annually termites cause upward of 5 billion dollars in the United States, and show NO SIGN of stopping . They live off tree roots and scrap. They are groomers and feeders. The caste is designed to feed the queen.


The queen can lay approximately 2,000 eggs per day. That`s 10 million eggs in a lifetime.

   Termites groom each other & also feed each other through a system called Trophallaxis. Currently, chemical treatments with a grooming or feeding toxin is best, simply for the fact you want to eliminate the colony not just a few, like the old days. And the chemicals nowadays are so much safer... that's for sure.




Bad Bugs? Bad Bugs? Whatcha Gonna Do? ...........CALL THE KOPS!!!!!!!

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